Guitar lessons are offered to both children and adults. Classical guitar is the primary style taught, however other style interests are taught as well. All lessons are tailored to the student’s ability and pace. Lessons are taught in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.

Lessons for Children

Children are taught using the Suzuki method. This method uses language acquisition as a model for teaching music and is very effective in helping children learn and enjoy playing guitar as well as other instruments. Parents participate in their child’s learning process by being present in lessons and by being the “home teacher,” helping their child practice at home. Children are ready to begin instruction around age 4, sometimes age 3, depending on the child.

Lessons for Adults

Adults are taught using more traditional methods of teaching classical guitar. Materials will include a combination of method books, technical studies, etudes, and repertoire. Other styles will include similar materials but geared to the specific style.

“Our son Benjamin started Suzuki guitar lessons with Jeremy when he was five years old and studied with him for four years. Throughout that time Jeremy was good at moving Ben along at a good pace without overwhelming him. He has an easy-going approach but makes sure that students are learning proper technique and are prepared for performances. Jeremy makes learning to play guitar an enjoyable experience and we credit his style to keeping our son interested in learning and playing.”     -Liz

“Jeremy is a great Suzuki teacher. He introduced my two young boys at age 5 to classical guitar with patience, kindness and positivity. In the past 4 years, I’ve seen my boys advance and progress with great technique and skill do to his tutelage.”     -Tisha

“As an adult guitar novice (that is, little musical knowledge or experience), I was a little nervous getting started. Jeremy was able to introduce the guitar to me in an intuitive and holistic fashion that made sense to me. From basic technique to music theory, Jeremy really helped me understand the relationship between what I hear and what I play. Because I could begin to see “the big picture” with Jeremy’s expertise and guidance, practice became much more than just playing the notes. Working with Jeremy has had a very positive effect on the enjoyment that I get from playing the guitar and has inspired me to keep getting better. I would strongly recommend taking instruction from Jeremy.”     -Thomas

“Jeremy is  wonderful teacher. My daughter progressed so much with her guitar skills in the two years he was her instructor. He keeps his students engaged by making lessons fun, while also making sure they are focused on technique and learning musical concepts.”     -Brian

“Jeremy is the best! He helped me to get good at guitar.”     -Lillian, 8 year old student (Brian’s daughter)

“Jeremy was an absolutely wonderful teacher for my son. We started guitar lessons when my son was 3 years old and continued until age 7. Every step of the way, Jeremy was attuned to my son’s particular needs. He understood 3 year olds can not sit still for too long, and kept the lesson going with fun games and variety. He shared me son’s love of trains at ages 4-5 and indulged him with “train lyrics” for the songs he was learning. He realized my son’s need for order as he got older and gave him a list of songs to practice so he felt grown-up and self sufficient. Jeremy did not feel my son was just another student. He truly knew him and became his friend, and together they learned to play guitar!”     -Shefali

“Guitar lessons with Jeremy helped our daughter develop her confidence, independence, and love of music. Jeremy is a skilled and perceptive teacher. He engaged our daughter with games during the lesson to help her stay focused and provided opportunities for her to challenge herself and develop performance skills through regular recitals.”     -Patricia

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Phone: (828) 585-4256